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Emily Ratajkowski Goes On Nude Photo Posting Spree

In sad news earlier this year, model-slash-actor Emily Ratajkowski, of Blurred Lines fame, tied the know with Sebastian Bear-McLard. (While we’re not really sure who he is, that’s him below, attentively applying oil to his new wife).

And whilst there was a real risk that marriage would slow Emily down, in a great twist of fate, it seems that the exact opposite has happened. Since tying the knot in February, Ratajkowski has gone on a nude photo-posting spree, showing the world how lucky Mr Bear-McLard really is. “Posing for my husband,” says Ratajkowski in one of the shots.

According to research, her behaviour could be the exact key to a healthy relationship. In a survey conducted by online adult store Adam & Eve, sharing nude photos of your partner was found to improve 56 per cent of relationships. According to their sexpert Dr. Kat Van Kirk, nude photo sharing such as sexting is a flirty way to keep the passion alive, as well as a great way to tease your partner to peak their interest while you’re apart.

Sharing her intimate snaps with the world could also hold an additional benefit for the 26 year old model. According to a study by the University of Nevada, Instagram was found to have a “positive linear relationship between true self and high life satisfaction among female users”. And with her latest post racking up 750,000 likes in the space of six hours, it’s not hard to see why such approval would be appealing. It seems she not only knows how to keep her husband and millions of fans happy, but herself as well.

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