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Every Human Is Bringing Accessibility To Fashion With The Launch Of Unpaired

The revolutionary e-commerce shoe program is making fashion accessible to all, offering customers the chance to buy one shoe or two, in different sizes or widths to fit their unique footwear needs.

For those who have unique footwear needs, the world of fashion can seem inaccessible at the best of times. We’ve long known that how we present ourselves and the styles we wear speak volumes about our identity, but for many people around the world, fashion remains a barrier to such freedom of expression. Thankfully, Every Human is making significant leaps in the world of fashion to ensure there is representation for all. Through the launch of Unpaired, the adaptive fashion and lifestyle brand offers a revolutionary e-commerce shoe program that will offer customers the opportunity to purchase one or two shoes, in different sizes or widths to fit their unique footwear needs. In doing so, Every Human becomes the first Australian retailer to cater to customers and champion inclusivity. 

If you’re not familiar with Every Human, know that the company has continued to forge a path in fashion that was previously never seen. Since launching in December of 2019, the brand has grown from one that provides adaptive and stylish fashion ranges for men, women and children, to one that also incorporates lifestyle accessories, beauty products, mobility accessories and more. It’s an exciting prospect and shows that there is an increasing demand for such products and services. Having previously collaborated with the likes of Tommy Hilfiger, Every Human is committed to making fashion more accessible and the launch of Unpaired reflects this ethos that lies at the heart of the company. 

Unpaired will see the company continue to push the boundaries of fashion to ensure everyone is given the chance to be comfortable in their clothes and look good doing it. As founder Matthew Skerritt suggests, “The launch of UNPAIRED highlights the need for choice. At Every Human, we acknowledge every single human on this planet is different and may need one shoe or two different-sized shoes. We are giving people of all different abilities the choice they deserve.”

Skerritt adds, “Accessibility needs to be considered in all aspects of life. It goes beyond just a ramp. This is a huge step forward in making fashion accessible for all.”

As Paralympian Timothy Hodge explains, “The new Unpaired range of shoes for me means an uncomplicated, easier way to buy shoes to fit both my foot and my prosthetic. I believe this new launch from EveryHuman is a great step forwards in improving the experience of buying shoes for anyone with 2 different sized feet, including many in the disability community.”

Hodge adds, “From my experience, this range can enable more people to obtain a correct and comfortable pair of shoes, and can even go as far as improving the quality of life for people who face challenges with finding suitable off-the-rack shoes.”


It marks an exciting time for Every Human, who continues to grow at an incredible rate. “It has been incredible to see our growth in just under two years, however we aren’t stopping here. We are on a mission to make all aspects of life accessible to everyone,” says Skerritt. “We have huge plans for the next 12 months that includes partnering with a global beauty brand and launching their collection of products with braille labelling, used to assist people with low or limited vision. We will also be launching our single and different shoe program, an Australian first. Every Human will continue to work our hardest to provide greater choice that is both accessible and fashionable.” 

The ability to shop to your own unique needs has been a long-time coming, but it’s clear that for countless Australians Unpaired marks a milestone in seeing greater representation brought to the world of fashion. To find out more, head to the official website here. 

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