Everything you need to know about Australian ‘Gladiators’

Everything you need to know about the Australian reboot of ‘Gladiators’

A fan favourite TV show from the ‘90s is getting a reboot. Here’s everything you need to know about the new Gladiators series.

WHEN THE FIRST edition of Gladiators premiered in the ‘90s, it was an immediate hit, quickly becoming a standout viewing experience amidst the hum drum of regular Australian free-to-air television programming. The show was different, it had the drama of a soap opera, superhuman displays of physical strength befitting an action movie, and the high-stakes competitive format of an elimination show with a lucrative prize.

Unsurprisingly, this distinct combination endeared itself to viewers, but Gladiators initial run was short lived, lasting three seasons. The show was revived for another standalone season in 2008, but didn’t stick around for long. Now, another reboot has arrived, promising to blend the beloved features of its predecessors with new flare to deliver the best edition yet.

Who is on Gladiators?

Making up the list of gladiators is a series of menacing figures who have gained popularity—or notoriety—for their physical prowess. From UFC fighters and NRL players to CrossFit legends and literal Ironmen, the cast’s antecedents speak for themselves. Find the full list below.

  • Sandor Earl
  • Jaymi Morris
  • Harriet Roberts
  • Tyson Pedro
  • Kwame Duah
  • Chanique Greyling
  • Blessings Chilufya
  • Damien Rider
  • Alethea Boon
  • Katelin van Zyl
  • Khan Porter
  • Tatyanna Dumas
  • Jett Kenny

Audiences can also expect appearances from special guests, adding another layer of brawn to an arena which already has an extreme surplus.

Among the cast of gladiators is Men’s Health’s resident fitness expert Khan Porter. A CrossFit Games veteran, former rugby player and national surf lifesaver, Porter is a freak of fitness. There’s no other way to put it: Khan is one of Australia’s fittest men. But even for a man who has made career out of being in peak physical condition, Gladiators was a new challenge. “I knew I was going to be one of the smaller gladiators, so I decided to put on a bit of weight by focusing on bodybuilding, strength training, and eating a lot more so I could bulk up,” Khan says.

Khan, who is known as ‘Spartan’ on the show, took a tactical approach to his preparations, opting for workouts that would improve his chances in the gladiatorial arena. “For my training, I looked at the different games we were gonna be playing and focused on improving things about myself that would transfer over,” he says. “I especially worked on my hanging ability and grip strength, I knew that was going to come into play.”

What can you expect from Gladiators?

A refreshed band of physical specimens and borderline superhumans make up the new-look gladiators. Take Khan’s word for it, the gladiator’s muscles aren’t just for show, “The gladiators aren’t just bodybuilders and fitness models, we’re extremely athletic people.” This eclectic group of pro athletes, fitness icons and mountains of muscle will compete with the contenders—a group of everyday people from all walks of life—in various tests of both physical and mental strength.

Competing in a series of gruelling events that test speed, strength, endurance and toughness, the competitors will take on fan favourite challenges made famous by the original series—complete with intimidating names like ‘Hang Tough’, ‘Duel’ and ‘The Eliminator’—as well as entirely new encounters, most notably an event known only under the ominous title of ‘Edge’.

While there’s two sides to the contest, according to Khan, the gladiators are anything but the bad guys. “In the past, the gladiators have been the villains of the series, obviously we still want to see the contenders get up, but the gladiators are more like superheroes than villains now,” he says.

On the line is the ultimate money-can’t-buy-prize, a chance to become a Gladiator in the show’s next season, which Khan likens to “joining a group of superheroes.”

Who is hosting Gladiators?

Gladiators will be hosted by former sports stars Liz Ellis and Beau Ryan, who are fitness legends in their own right. With Ellis a three-time netball world champion and Ryan an eight-year NRL veteran, the hosting team has plenty of experience around feats of superhuman ability.

Where can you watch Gladiators?

All twelve episodes of Gladiators will be broadcast on Channel 10 on Sundays through Wednesdays at 7:30PM AEST and available to stream on 10Play.

When does Gladiators premiere?

It already has. The first episode of Gladiators appeared on Channel 10 on January 15th. New episodes will broadcast at 7:30PM AEST, Sundays through Wednesdays.

By Cayle Reid

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