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If You Go To Bed At This Time, You’re More Likely To Be More Fertile

Women want a man who can reproduce and reproduce well. That’s why it’s important to care for your sperm. Luckily for you, scientists have discovered what you can do every day to help your tadpoles win gold more often.

A study out of the Harbin Medical University in China, published in the Medical Science Monitor journal, found that your sleep routine is crucial to getting your little swimmers ready for competition.

Researchers took a group of 981 healthy men, splitting them into three groups. One third of participants were told to hit the hay between 8pm and 10pm; another third between 10pm and midnight; and the last group after midnight.

Researchers found that falling asleep between 8-10pm was optimal for producing fit and healthy sperm.

On the other end of the spectrum, going to sleep after midnight was detrimental for sperm health; clocking six hours or less of sleep was associated with a lower sperm count.

So if you’re trying to get one baking in the oven or you just want to keep your sperm nice and healthy, try to avoid these 7 things you do every day that destroys your sperm.

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