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Turns Out Your Go-To Takeaway Option Is Hurting Your Immune System

This is the worst news we’ve seen in a very long time: new research has linked fish and chips consumption to lower immune system. 

According to findings by Michigan State University, the preservative Teri-butlhydroquinone or tBHQ – a common additive used in cooking oils – has been linked to hindering influenza vaccines. 

“If you get a vaccine, but part of the immune system doesn’t learn to recognise and fight off virus-infected cells, then this can cause the vaccine to be less effective,” says Robert Freeborn, who co-led the study.

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Speaking to News Corp, professor Robert Booy, Head of the Clinical Research team at Australia’s National Centre for Immunisation Research and Surveillance, described the study as a tease.

“It’s not yet been tested on humans but in further research, I would be very keen to see if our favourite fish and chips is actually helping to make us sick.”

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