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Here Are the Fittest Billionaires, From Swole Bezos to Mark Cuban

Sure, money can’t buy happiness, but as a few billionaires prove, it can almost certainly by you health and a rockin’ body.

From nutritionists to trainers to private chefs and more, the rich and famous can really buy anything they need or want when it comes to health and well-being.


Take, for example, the total body transformation of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. In his younger years Bezos resembled any other computer geek you’d expect to see behind a desk typing away all day. But once he got that internet money he transformed into himself.

Bezos isn’t the only billionaire on the block with a body to match his bank account. Keep scrolling to see the other buff rich guys you wish you could switch places with for a day.


Elon Musk, like Bezos, has totally transformed both his life and his body over the years. Since the Tesla CEO founded PayPal, his first major company, he’s made fitness a much larger part of his life (at least, for a guy who reportedly works up to 100 hours per week). Musk reportedly works out at least twice a week, either running or lifting weights to stay in shape. And one look at his Instagram proves that playing with his kids also plays a huge role in his fitness game.


Richard Branson’s fitness is out of this world, literally. The eccentric billionaire has long been a fitness fanatic and well-known sportsman, often hosting athletes, actors and politicians on his private Island for windsurfing getaways. But now he’s looking to take things seriously next-level. As he wrote for his 2018 resolution, Branson is hoping to “Get unbelievable fit so I’m ready for a trip into space.” How’s he going to get there? Pretty much by doing more of what he already does, plus some specific space sets.

“I’ll be doing lots of trekking and biking to get me into top shape. When I finished the Virgin Strive Challenge in 2016 I felt like a 25-year-old again – I hadn’t felt that good in 40 years,” Branson said. “I’ll also be doing some centrifuge g-force training so I’m as acclimatized as I can be for the journey.”


Mark Zuckerberg’s fitness routine is more relaxed than most, which makes it the most approachable one for normal guys to emulate.

“Staying in shape is very important,” Facebook’s founder in a Q&Aon his site. “Doing anything well requires energy, and you just have a lot more energy when you’re fit.” He added, that he typically works out three times a week, “usually first thing when I wake up.” Honestly, it’s paying off as Zuckerberg appears to be avoiding the dreaded dad bod after having his second child in 2017.


When it comes to fitness Jack Dorsey may be the most efficient billionaire around. As he told Product Hunt, he performs the same morning ritual every single day. At 5 a.m. he wakes up, does a 30-minute meditation and a seven-minute workout three times before having his coffee. He reportedly ends his day at 11 p.m., so while he’s doing well in the workout department he may want to catch a few more restful zzz’s.


As the owner of the Dallas Mavericks you’d hope Mark Cuban makes fitness a priority. Luckily for everyone, he does, especially when it comes to cardio.

“I try to do cardio for at least an hour, six or seven days a week, knowing I’ll miss a day or two now and then because of travel,” he told Dallas News in 2011. “I do elliptical and the stair gauntlet; play basketball; and take kickboxing and Latin fusion aerobic classes at Lifetime Fitness.”

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