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Forget Juicing – You Need To Try Souping This Spring: Here’s Why

Move over juice cleanses - sustainable soup cleanses are here to stay, no matter the season.

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Did you know that 93% of Aussies don’t meet the recommended daily vegetable intake?

Unlike juices, soups that are loaded with hearty veggies will up your intake, giving you the high-fibre punch needed to boost satiety and curb cravings. It’s also a ridiculously easy meal, open to a huge range of explosive flavours, incorporating some of the healthiest stuff on the planet.

Sustainable souping – a whole world away from the hype of detox diets – focus on incorporating a bowl, or more, of soup into your daily diet, in order to intake enough calories and nutrients in a healthy way.

Here’s everything you need to know.

So, why soup?

Filling up on soup—whether as an appetiser or main course—has consistently been linked to healthy eating. A British Journal of Nutrition study surveyed more than 20,000 adults and found that, on average, soup eaters consistently followed healthier eating habits and consumed fewer calories than those who preferred solids.

That’s likely because many soups are packed with veggies and lean protein, and tend to be low-calorie, fibre-rich and hydrating. Case in point: One Appetite study found that people who had soup as an appetiser to all-you-can-eat pizza ate 20 percent fewer calories overall.

How does it work?

To soup, you can whip up batches upon batches of homemade veggie-packed soup (fire up the slow cooker!) or you can turn to soup experts, like Campbell’s, who have just launched their new Real Soup range – a collection of 100% natural soups, available in four great flavours each with a unique wellness benefit:

– Pumpkin with Turmeric: a good source of Vitamin A to help support Immunity.

– Tomato & Basil with Lentils: contains good carbohydrates for Energy .

– Green Pea with Spinach: provides 11 grams of protein per serve from peas and faba bean to help support muscle Strength.

– Sweet Potato & Carrot with Coconut: contains a natural source of fibre to help support Digestive Wellbeing.

The first product of its kind, the soups come in a resealable bottle and are able to be consumed both hot and cold (perfect for anyone on the go). They’re packed with natural goodness, are plant-based, and contain less than 5g sugar per 100g.

Slurp the right way

While how much soup you wish to consume is up to you, a great way to start is replacing your afternoon snack with one of Campbell’s Real Soups..

As you continue you can opt to replace one meal a day with a soup, however we don’t recommend eating soup for every meal. Liquid nutrition can be helpful when it comes to supplementing your diet or squeezing in extra vegetables, but going on an all-liquid diet is unsustainable.

To find out more about Campbell’s Real Soup, click here.

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