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FS8: Here’s What F45’s New Fitness Program Has In Store

Last week, F45 Training launched a new fitness ‘movement’, FS8, which combines the best elements of three key pillars: Pilates, Yoga and Tone.

Basically, the concept is similar to F45 in that it is circuit based and within a ¾ hour time frame, but the movements are very different. It’s a lot more low impact, using stretch and tone movements with rather than using heavy weights and explosive movement.

The workouts will focus on the body rather than fitness gear or machines however will incorporate reformer machines, low weights, bands and Pilates rings on the circuit.

As for the name, ‘F’ stands for functional; ‘S’ for style “remixing pilates yoga and tone in a way that has never been done before”. And ‘8’ represents the 8 “key modalities that form the core of FS8”.

Opening its first Australian studios in Port Melbourne, South Yarra, Noosa, Newstead, Chatswood, Manly, Sydney CBD and Willetton, FS8’s workouts “remove the need for multiple memberships taking the best of traditionally distinct disciplines and remixing them to produce a multi- modality, full-body workout like no other.”

Former Australian professional surfer and three-time World Champion, Mick Fanning has been unveiled as The Face of FS8 thanks to his longtime advocacy of incorporating yoga and Pilates modalities into wider training regimes.

“I’ve always tried to find different training techniques to maintain an edge. FS8 is exactly what I’ve been looking for with progressive workouts using my favourite health and wellness programs. I’m excited to work with FS8 to stay strong and moving freely to enjoy the activities I love.”

FS8 General Manager James Hurlock adds, “In 2012, the F45 Training team saw an opportunity in the fitness market for time-efficient, results-based and community-oriented functional training. Today, F45 Training is one of the fastest- growing fitness franchises in the world, with over 2,000 studios across more than 60 countries and counting.”

“We know FS8 is the next big game-changer in fitness. We believe the market opportunity for FS8 is over 500 studios across Australia,” continued Hurlock.

A further 50 flagship studios are expected to open throughout Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, Western Australia and South Australia in 2021.

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