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MH Tech Review: Garmin Vivo Fit 4

The Vivofit4 is a simple fitness tracker which keep track of your daily steps, calories burnt, sleep patron and estimated distance and boasts a one year battery life. You can also track you runs manually or automatically via the app.

It has a coloured display and you can navigate through the menu by clicking on the button. Only having one button to navigate makes it easy at first but after a bit I found navigation not very user-friendly. In the dark getting the display lit up is not the easiest.

I use a Garmin Forerunner 235 for my running and love it but it is too bulky for day to day use. Using the Vivofit4 in addition to the Forerunner enables to provides a full day of fitness. The Garmin app combines information from both.

Another nice feature of the Vivofit 4 is the “Find your phone”. As a person who misplaces her phone quite often the “find your phone” feature is very handy and not expected for a fitness tracker.

Thumbs up:

  • Easy setup
  • Battery (1-year battery)
  • The design is slim and has Interchangeable bands
  • Light and coloured screen.
  • The band is comfortable to wear
  • Waterproof
  • Find your phone feature
  • Price

Thumbs down:

  • Difficult to Navigation through the menu – only one button
  • No GPS or heart rate monitor
  • No phone notifications
  • In the dark doesn’t display that well


If you are looking for a simple fitness tracker Vivofit 4 is a great option. It does all the basics fitness tracking well, is not too expensive and it’s easy to use. A big win is that you don’t need to charge it every day.   

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