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Go Gluten Free, Have More Sex

Put down that beer, bin the bread, and hit the carrots. Trust us, it’s a trade that you’re going to want to make. Based on new survey results released by, eating a gluten free diet means that you are 217 per cent more likely to have gone on a date in the last year than those of us who enjoy the odd sandwich.

In what will be a terrible blow to the burger lovers out there, the results go on to reveal that gluten avoiders are also 172 per cent less likely to have a sexual dry spell. 

The survey of 5000 single participants is an annual report run by renowned biological anthropologist Dr. Helen Fisher, and Dr. Just Garcia of the Kinsey Institute at Indiana University. Results always guarantee some unusual and unexpected findings, unearthing some major trends.

Already ditched the gluten and want to increase your likelihood of getting lucky even further? According to other results from the study, 82 per cent of participants identified ‘too much talking’ as the biggest deal breaker when it comes to sealing the deal. Adopting the ‘starfish’ position in bed (aka not moving) and bad kissing were also guaranteed to put a halt on further sexual activity.

This year’s results also didn’t disappoint in delivering the shock factor. As well as sending us straight to the Gluten Free section of our local grocery store, Fisher and Garcia have uncovered some unusual desires of singles. According to their findings, 31 per cent of men would have sex with a robot, versus only 15 per cent of women.

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