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The Golden State Warriors Named Global Franchise Of The Decade

Over the last few years, sporting teams have evolved from providing entertainment to hugely profitable businesses. Winning isn’t just about giving fans reason to celebrate, it’s about generating revenue and becoming a house-hold name. Nine years ago, the Golden State Warriors were a struggling NBA team, registering just 36 wins in the 2010 season. Six years later, they doubled that tally, recording a record 72 wins in regular season. 

But much like Star Wars, there was a new hope: Stephen Curry. And as he rose to prominence, so did the Warriors, capping off an incredible nine years by being named Sports Business Journal/Daily ‘Sports Franchise of the Decade’ – an award given to the team with the best performing, most innovative and highest-achieving club in the world ( although, looking at the previous winners, it seems it’s limited to the US).

“We are truly humbled to be recognised with this prestigious honour by the Sports Business Journal, especially when you consider the number of outstanding organisations across all sports,” said Warriors President and Chief Operating Officer Rick Welts.

“The past decade has provided our fans, business partners and all constituents with many incredible memories, and it’s the hard work and dedication of every single player and employee that enabled us to achieve our goals and ultimately share in this organisation-wide, strength in numbers recognition.”

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