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Good News, Vegans! Cadbury Is Set To Launch Its First Vegan Chocolate

The new dairy-free chocolate will be made from cocoa, almond paste and rice extract.

We all have our favourite chocolate. From those who enjoy a Lindt ball to others who love a Cadbury block of Fruit and Nut, walking down the chocolate aisle of the local supermarket is to get an insight into those customers next to you. There are the questionable allegiances to milk chocolate and the more sophisticated palettes that only ever eat 90 per cent dark, but to each their own. For vegans however, the quest for the great chocolate is a far more challenging one as up until recently, few brands have looked to provide to this ever-growing consumer base. But now, things are looking up and for one of the world’s leading chocolate brands, a new vegan chocolate bar is on the way. 

Cadbury has announced that it will launch its first-ever vegan chocolate bar in the UK. While it hasn’t yet revealed if the chocolate will be brought out in other countries too, we expect that it will only be a matter of time as more people look for vegan products – even chocolate. The new chocolate bar will be called the Cadbury Plant Bar and comes in two flavours: smooth chocolate and smooth chocolate with salted caramel pieces. Both will be made from a blend of cocoa, almond paste and rice extract. 

In launching its vegan chocolate bar, Cadbury is now catching up to competitors who have also released vegan iterations of their famed chocolate. In a statement, the company acknowledged that it had fallen behind by not launching vegan chocolate sooner. “Dear plant-based Britain, we’re sorry. Sorry it’s taken this long. Sorry it seemed like we weren’t listening to your calls, sorry for not being able to respond to the rumours. And sorry for all the other chocolate you’ve had to eat while you wait.”

Cadbury added, “We hope you’ll agree it was worth the wait.”

It’s a sentiment echoed by Michael Moore, Marketing Manager at Cadbury. He expressed, “We’re delighted to finally confirm that the rumours swirling around Cadbury Plant Bar are true! We’ve worked hard to add this delicious, dairy-free option to our iconic range, and we can only apologise for making our fans wait.”

Moore continued: “Ensuring we deliver against our commitment to exceptional flavour has taken quite some time, but as of November, the wait is over.”

The vegan chocolate bar comes after a poll by Veganuary revealed that those who adhered to a plant-based diet were hungry for a vegan version of Cadbury’s chocolate which isn’t too surprising given that for many people, it’s their favourite brand. Researchers gave respondents a list of chocolate and cheese snacks alongside the question of which they would most like to see ‘veganised’ and more than a quarter voted for Cadbury’s Dairy Milk, making it the top-voted option according to Plant Based News. 

The new Cadbury Plant Bar will be available in the UK in November. Our fingers are crossed that it doesn’t take too much longer for the vegan chocolate bar to make its way across the Atlantic and to Australian stores. Until then, for any international travellers or those based in the UK, let us know the verdict of the new Cadbury chocolate addition. 

By Jessica Campbell

Jess is a storyteller committed to sharing the human stories that lie at the heart of sport.

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