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This is The Grossest Pimple Popping Video of All-Time

We brought you a story a few weeks ago of seemingly the craziest pimple-popping video of all time that involved bikini-clad women, Fireball shots and a stream of yellow pus.

Well, as the world works, a new video has emerged that puts the previous one to shame and has claimed the title of the grossest pimple-popping ever.

The video shows Syrian surgeon Osama Makkia popping an enormous abscess drained from the right side of a patient’s jaw. We watched the video, and we have to warn you – it’s not a pretty sight. If you’re about to have lunch, you should probably wait until after to watch it.


This was not a quick procedure whatsoever: Dr Makkia reported to the Daily Mail he was scraping out excess pus from the abscess for 20 minutes afterwards. While the patient was pain-free during the operation, he spent the next three days recovering. 

“Unfortunately, abscesses are very common and I have done several similar procedures in the past. I predict this won’t be the last,” said Dr Makkia.

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