The Biggest Men’s Hair Trends Of 2024

The biggest men’s hair trends of 2024, according to the modern barber of the year

As the winner of the 2023 Modern Barber of the Year award, there may not be anyone who knows more about hair trends than Matt Clarke. We caught up with the barber for the low-down on all the latest developments in men’s hair.

IN THIS DAY AND AGE, hair trends are coming thick and fast. No sooner have you received a fresh fade than a new trend starts gaining traction, rendering your cut hopelessly outdated. It’s a difficult landscape to navigate, and in a society that rewards priding yourself on your physical appearance, keeping with the times isn’t an option—it’s the bare minimum.

For tangible styling success, it’s important to stay up to date on what’s in and what’s out. But doing so often requires insider knowledge, or at the very least, spending an unhealthy amount of time on social media. Luckily for you, Men’s Health is leaning on the expertise of Matt Clarke, an American Crew barber and veteran of Esquire Male Grooming in Brisbane, to decode the latest trends. Read on for all you need to know to keep your mane in check for 2024.


Men’s Health: What are the biggest men’s hairstyle trends you’re noticing at the moment?

Matt Clarke: Colour is making a comeback in men’s hair, not just with the return of full-bleach trends, but I’m also seeing a resurgence of the old streaking cap for those highlights. I’ve had a lot of clients come into the barbershop looking to get some colour to add some dimension to their hairstyle, so I’ve been giving them what I like to call ‘guy lights’. This has been the biggest resurgence in stores recently.

In regards to haircuts though, we are noticing a move into textured and ‘lived-in’ styles, with a big emphasis on natural texture. The early 2000s bed hair look is back in fashion and sharp edges are definitely out. We’ve also seen these soft textured, effortless looks feature on the red carpet, which might be why we are seeing this trend in store. Another one that I’ve seen a lot in our barbershop lately is the buzz cut. I think the appeal of it is that it is quite easy to manage at home, but you’ll need regular fortnightly or even weekly visits to your local barber to keep it looking sharp.


MH: Are there any styles you think/hope will die out in 2024?

MC: I think we can all agree that the footy-boy mullet has had its time in the sun, but I think it’s time it went back to the shadows. The short, almost buzzed top, long flowing back, without any blending on the sides isn’t leaving much to be desired. That being said, modern renditions of the mullet are still welcome in store. The modern mullet is shorter and usually has a burst fade or longer textured sides, which is still very much on trend.



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MH: What famous figures do you think are influencing men’s hair trends?

MC: I think the buzz-cut trend has to be down to Travis Kelce. Since his Super Bowl win and the Taylor Swift tour, I’ve had a lot of clients come in asking for his haircut. I think his cut is quite cool actually – it’s a buzz cut with a low-to-mid skin fade that’ll give you a really clean look.

Other celebrities who continue to dominate the trends are David Beckham and Chris Hemsworth, and I have quite a few clients coming in with reference photos of these two from across the decades. Usually, it’s their quiff hairstyles that we see as people want to have that thicker, fuller appearance.



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MH: What about beard/facial hair trends? Have there been any developments?

MC: The moustache has recently had a bit of a renaissance. When paired with some light to heavy stubble it's always going to be a winning combination. Much like the hair trends at the moment men are looking for a slightly more rugged look with their facial hair. But, a clean-shaven face or a short beard is still a great timeless look.


Keep up with the trends with these hair products


American Crew Cream Pomade

As Clarke notes, there’s a push for natural looking hairstyles. Light hold matte styling products like this one, will help you achieve that look. According to Clarke, this pomade in particular. “Pomade is great for effortless curled looks as it creates texture and gives you greater control while maintaining the natural flexibility and bounce in your hair.”


Evo Roy Wide-Tooth Comb

To prevent damage during brushing and combing, a wide-tooth comb is a must. This do-it-all comb is suitable for all hair types and can be used for anything from distributing conditioner and treatments to simply removing tangles. It’s also made with wood from environmentally conscious forests, to put your eco-friendly mind at ease.


American Crew Fiber Styling Puck

Clarke says shorter hairstyles like a buzz cut or quiff require stronger product to maintain their form. These products can also create a more voluminous appearance. “The American Crew fiber styling puck is resinous, so it helps to thicken, texturise and add volume to the hair while also giving you a matte finish,” Clarke says.


VitaMan Volumising Shampoo

Look, hair loss is an ugly inevitability for many, but there are ways to stem the tide and keep the party going while you can. A volumising shampoo is one such option. This one from VitaMan, for example, promises to add a little oomph to your hair by increasing volume and texture, meaning you can go about your day with confidence.


American Crew beard serum

We’re not ignoring beards, and you shouldn’t either. It’s one thing to be able to grow one, it’s another to be able to keep it healthy. For those with natural, full beards, Clarke recommends a high-quality conditioner. “The beard serum works to soften and condition your beard for a well-groomed, yet natural look,” he says. “The formula is also lightweight and fast absorbing, which is important for avoiding that greasy feeling.”


Grown Alchemist Conditioner

A top quality conditioner should be a staple of any hair care routine. If you want your hair feeling smooth and nourished, it’s impossible to look past this conditioner from Grown Alchemist. Its silicone-free vegan formula prioritises natural, plant-based extracts like damask rose, aloe, bush tomato, almond oil and provitamin B5, which not only moisturise your hair, but also build resilience.


Aesop Shine Hair & Beard Oil

Hair oil is essential for those with longer hair, or locks that are prone to dryness. This particular oil from Aesop one of the best on the market. Formulated for wavy and curly hair, this silicone-free hydrating oil nourishes and softens hair, providing the essential fatty acids and natural oils your hair needs to be healthy. All without the risk of oily build up. An essential feature in any respectable hair care routine.




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