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Radio Host Hamish Blake Smashes New 5-Minute Health Challenge

He’s best known for his radio show with close mate Andy Lee, but Hamish Blake has recently taken the fitness industry by storm.

Taking to Instagram, the 35 year old posted his controversial transformation following the completion of his new #5minutefast challenge.

The Melbourne Radio Host captioned the photo, “Just completed the #5MinuteFast, an exciting health fitness trend I invented today! The goal being to see if you can do 5 minutes with zero food whatsoever, not even nibbles or snacks.

“I was excited to do it but after the initial thrill wore off I have to say I found the middle 200 seconds challenging, and had to dig deep and think about all the cleansing my body was doing, despite my raging hunger.

“With 30 seconds to go I just tried to hang on for dear life, and as you can see at the end, I was overjoyed. Felt a lot lighter, very clear headed and so proud of myself. Look forward to doing the #5MinuteFast again and not cheating next time! (Had a bag of chips at the 2 min mark, but I was feeling VERY faint). Try it yourself and let me know if you made it in comments!!”

Fans were divided.

“Impossible,” wrote @jordan_leah while another user, @adelaide_paternoster posted, “my type of hero.”

But there’s no doubt the radio jockey is looking fitter than ever.

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