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Study Confirms Your Hangovers Are Way Worse In Your 30s

While few mortals are immune to the symptoms of a hangover, chances are you’ve had some rough mornings dealing with the aftermath of cyclone alcohol. But now new findings confirm the damage gets worse with age.

A recent survey commissioned by Entity Health found that almost a quarter of all Aussies experience hangovers regularly, with 44 per cent of respondents in their 30s feeling the effects at least once a month. 

Meanwhile, 35 per cent of 18-29 year olds suffered hangovers. 

“The results indicate that drinking peaks in our thirties, and this may be a time in our lives when our bodies suffer the effects from excess alcohol more easily.” says consulting dietitian at Entity Health, Teri Lichtenstein.

Although older, those in their 40s tended to have less hangovers with just 9 per cent suffering a brew flu at least every week and 20 per cent at least every month. 

“The best way to minimise hangover symptoms and not feel the negative effects is to cut back or avoid drinking altogether,” Lichtenstein added.

“However, we understand that drinking is a common part of events and parties during the festive season. Keeping drinking to a minimum – two or three glasses, with food and water in between each – helps to keep the hangovers at bay.”

And if you want to ease the symptoms? Hit the hydration station.

“Make sure you intersperse the alcoholic drinks with glasses of water to stay hydrated and be aware of the size of your glass as often a drink served at a party can contain 2-3 standard servings of alcohol in one go! To help manage the festive season, make sure you eat well, exercise regularly and have at least a few no-alcohol days during the week.”

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