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This Is The Happiest Song To Ever Exist, According To Science

Ever notice a song come on and before you know it, you’re boogieing the night a way or you’re singing every lyric. Certain songs just have that effect on you. But now researchers have crunched the numbers and turns out there is indeed a happiest song on earth. 

According to a new study conducted by the University of Missouri, Queen’s ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ is the happiest song on earth. 

After surveying a group of 2000 Brits about their favourite tracks, neuroscientist Jacob Jolij devised a happiness formula by analysing 126 songs over a 50 year period.   

Jolij determined beats per minute, the key, theme and examined the lyrics of songs that had the highest score. 

‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ fits the bill, and fittingly, two-thirds of study participants listed the banger as their favourite tune. 

“The pattern was very clear. The average tempo of a ‘feel good’-song was substantially higher than the average pop song. Where the average tempo of pop songs is around 118 beats per minute (BPM), the list of feel good songs had an average tempo of around 140 to 150 BPM,” writes Jolij.

Unfortunately, Reddit wasn’t quite as happy with the results with many users blasting the choice. 

Each to their own, whatever helps you boogie!

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