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Here’s How Chris Hemsworth is Bulking Up For ‘Thor’

He’s back at it once again: Chris Hemsworth continues to prove that building the body of a superhero takes serious physical commitment.

After posting a montage of his sweat-drenched workout to Instagram, it’s clear the 33-year-old actor is in full training mode for his next Marvel blockbuster, Thor: Ragnarok. The workout is no joke: He does a mix of cardio, strength, and resistance exercises accompanied by (as Hemsworth puts it) “the world’s best trainer,” Luke Zocchi from Zoco Body Pro, who has worked with Hemsworth for years.

No matter the role, Hemsworth knows the key to any body (whether you’re bulking up or dropping kilos) is discipline, but he credits a lot of his success to his trainer. Even when Hemsworth had to lose 15 kilograms for In the Heart of the Sea, Zocchi was right there with him.

“We were losing weight together – the bond we formed was incredible,” Hemsworth told Men’s Health back in May 2016. “It reminded me of being a football team growing up, where we’d do anything for each other.”

Now, Zocchi is putting him through his paces once again – but this time around he’s helping Hemsworth tone up. Here’s what the recent high-intensity workout behind Thor’s physique looks like: Hemsworth starts with strength and cardio exercises like the standing barbell curl and intense cycling. He moves on to a battle ropes routine and continues by throwing a hefty medicine ball back and forth with Zocchi, all while harnessed to resistance bungees.

Then he performs a series of bungee bear crawls, pushups (again, adding resistance with the bungees here), and finishes off with core work through hanging leg raises. Think you could give it a shot? Watch the video below for the full routine:

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