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Here’s How Luke Evans Got In Shape To Play A Special Forces Soldier In ‘Echo 3’

The 43-year-old actor takes us through the training routing that saw him work with Delta Force soldiers and Navy SEALS to then play one.

While most actors relish those precious few moments of respite between shooting, knowing that they can finally relax and indulge following whatever kind of Hollywood diet and fitness routine they subscribed to in order to get in shape for their role, there are a rare handful of stars who simply make it part of their lifestyle to be in a perpetually jacked physique. Names like The Rock come to mind, as does Chris Hemsworth and Jonathan Majors. But when it comes to Luke Evans, this is an actor who makes fitness a priority, both for his mental and physical wellbeing. 

Not surprisingly, Evans has become something of a thirst trap king on the ‘gram, frequently posing topless as he shows off his enviable abs which have the kind of indentation you’d expect of a corrugated iron roof. But this isn’t a man with an ego; Evans is simply a man proud of his hard work and discipline – as he should be. 

Though he’s known for his superior fitness, his latest role proved particularly challenging for Evans. At 43-years-old, you’d think the actor might be looking to slow things down and embrace those workouts that are a little less sweat-inducing and more focused on breathing. Instead, Evans embarked on one of the most gruelling routines in his career, as the Welsh actor looked to prepare for his role as a Delta Force solider in the new Apple TV+ series, Echo 3.

Speaking to Men’s Health, Evans revealed that he didn’t hold back when it came to training, working with Delta Force soldiers and Navy SEALS to learn more about the intense conditions they have to face on the job. “There’s a lot of stuff I thought I knew, which I didn’t,” Evans explains. 

Given that the show has a 10-episode run, Evans had to maintain his special forces physique for “almost a year,” making the training a regular fixture in his daily routine. But as he even admits, keeping that level of fitness gets tougher every year since he’s now over 40. While travelling and navigating busy schedules and all-hours-of-the-day filming, Evans said he simply made fitness a priority and trained everywhere he could. “I just signed up to any gym,” he said, 

“Gyms in the jungle, gyms in the desert, gyms that I made up in a forest, gyms in my home. I kept the physical stamina up by keeping the routine going.”

Here, Evans shares some of his favourite exercises that he performed anywhere, anytime, to help get in ultimate fighting shape. 

Luke Evans’ Echo 3 Workout

Face Pull + Press

3 sets of 10 reps

Crocodile Crawl

20 to 30 feet, forward and back

Suspension Trainer Pushup with Knee Drive

3 sets of 15 reps

Resistance Band Biceps Curls

3 sets of 12 reps

By Jessica Campbell

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