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Here’s How NFL Quarterback Russel Wilson Stays Fit In The Offseason

The Broncos quarterback shared a glimpse into his intense training routine, with a focus on speed and strength.

Russell Wilson is back from vacation and putting in the work ahead of the new football season in September. The quarterback, who played with the Seattle Seahawks for nine seasons before getting traded to the Denver Broncos in March this year, just shared a video to Twitter and Instagram offering a sneak peek at his training routine.

In the minute-long clip, he shows off his strength with a loaded sled push, as well as performing some agile footwork drills, and of course, letting everybody know that his throwing arm is in full working order.

“I’m used to the doubt,” Wilson wrote in the caption. “I’m used to the work too…” It’s a pretty clear message to any NFL fans who might still be focusing on the cloud that hung over Wilson’s exit from the Seahawks: he’s still very much playing to win.

While his first season with the Broncos has yet to begin, Wilson, 33, intends to keep his pro ball career going for at least another decade, and has spoken publicly about the resources he invests in his longevity, spending upwards of $1 million each year on trainers, physical therapists, mobility coaches and private chefs.

“It’s a process, it’s a lifestyle,” he told Jimmy Kimmel during a late night interview earlier this year. “When you’re trying to play as long as I’m trying to play, I’m trying to play ’til 45… The mentality, the focus level, everything that you have to do has to be surrounded on that. So it’s been an amazing journey for me so far.”

When it comes to getting game-ready, Wilson’s prep extends beyond his physical training; in the past, he has also worked with the mental conditioning coach Trevor Moawad on cultivating the right mindset. For Wilson, that means shifting away from “positive” or “negative” thinking, and being neutral in his outlook.

“Neutral thinking is going to the truth,” Wilson wrote in the foreword to Moawad’s book It Takes What It Takes. “Where are we at? What situation are we in? How are we going to execute? Some people call it keeping an even keel, but I think it’s deeper than that. I always want to remain neutral.”

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