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H&M Is Set To Launch ‘Sustainable’ Sneakers Made From Banana Fibres

Before the global coronavirus pandemic came to hijack news headlines around the world, our focus was largely one centred on the environment. It’s sad in many ways, that now such efforts to reduce our environmental impact has largely taken a backseat to the coronavirus, but if there’s one thing we know here in Australia it’s that climate change is the biggest threat to the population. We’ve seen it first hand by way of catastrophic bushfires and, more recently, floods. 

As we become increasingly more active in reducing our environmental impact, one area that has garnered great attention is that of fashion. As brands catch on to the demands of their customers, the word “sustainable” has come to punctuate a number of fashion launches and re-brands. But while some brands simply adhere to green-washing their consumers rather than providing greater transparency with the manufacturing of their clothes and the conditions experienced by their workers, the consequences of fast fashion are too great to ignore. One retailer looking to pave the way for a more sustainable future is that of H&M, who has just launched a new range of sneakers in partnership with footwear brand, Good News. 

The unisex collection features a range of sneakers inspired by the vibrant seventies. Included amongst the collection is even a pair of sliders, perfect for those days where you’re working from home and need something comfortable to wear during those Zoom calls so as to make them tolerable. 

Speaking about the collection, co-founder of Good News Nia Jones said: “We’ve very proud to be collaboration with H&M, pushing one of the giants to look at every component of a shoe. It was important for us to make the collection as sustainable as possible while still looking fun and cool.”

Each item has a plethora of sustainable elements, such as recycled rubber soles and recycled cotton. And if all that wasn’t enough, it’s clear H&M are using this opportunity to be innovators in the field of sustainability, having even manufactured a vegan leather made from wine wax and Bananatex – the world’s first durable, waterproof fabric made purely from Banana plants. 

In an online statement, David Soderlund, a designer at H&M, said about the collection: “Working with Good News gave us such good energy and positivity. Their creativity and drive for change inspired our team. We joined forces to become better together. The collection is a bright and colourful contrast to a grey and uncertain world. I love the colours and the innovative materials.”

As sustainable sneakers go, these certainly won’t see you sacrificing style for substance, as they’re quite the head-turning pair of kicks. The Good News x H&M collection will launch in the US and Canada on April 15, with sneakers available for purchase online. 

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