How Can I Stand Out To A Girl Who’s Surrounded By Other Guys?

How Can I Stand Out To A Girl Who’s Surrounded By Other Guys?

We ask the office girls.

Ask the MH girls the questions you can’t ask anyone else. They’re three women who speak their mind, so don’t expect sugar-coated answers. Today they’re asked: “When I’m out on a Saturday night, how can I stand out to a girl who’s surrounded by other guys?” – CR

Nik: Well, for starters, I would try to suss out if she wants to be approached. What is her body language around this herd of guys? And is it possible they’re friends of hers rather than salivating admirers?

Becky: Couldn’t agree more. You don’t want to make a pest of yourself. But if you think an approach is welcome and worthwhile, then as the saying goes, confidence is key. If you can give off a relaxed, friendly vibe, people will tend
to respond favourable. They’ll be attracted to your energy.

Jess: Also, look for an invitation to approach. There’s her general body language, but what about signs she’s sending you specifically, CR? 

Becky: Sideways glances?

Jess: Sure – but I’m not saying you have to be wholly passive. If you can catch her eye, then flash her a smile. It may sound a little cheesy, but it’s a nice gesture that’s unlikely to make her feel uncomfortable. And if she smiles back, I’d say you’ve got your green light to say hi.

Nik: Yep. Start with some eye contact and see how that goes. If she looks away quicker than a cheetah on hot coals
or returns your smile with an eye roll or something similarly discouraging,
forget it, Jack.

Becky: Like a sneer, you mean? Or a glare?

Nik: That’s it. But if she smiles, go in with the intent of having a great conversation, not like a predator. A guy who wants to talk to you as a person rather than a potential conquest… I always think that’s a nice way to stand out.

Jess: Just chat with her, yeah, rather than asking for her number after 10 seconds flat. Also, it’s almost 2023
– don’t neg her! 

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