9 Men Share The Moment They Realised They'd Fallen Out Of Love | Men's Health Magazine Australia

9 Men Share The Moment They Realised They’d Fallen Out Of Love | Men’s Health Magazine Australia

All relationships have highs and lows and every height in between. But how can you tell when you’ve officially hit rock bottom and fallen out of love with your significant other?

It’s not always a brutal fight or affair that finishes a relationship, as these nine men can attest. A recent Reddit thread posed the question: “When did you realise you didn’t love your SO anymore?”

And the answers are pretty eye opening.

1.”When we held hands and I felt nothing.”

2. “One day I was walking home from work and it hit me like a ton of bricks that I only really enjoyed having a boyfriend when we weren’t actually together in person.”

3. “When I realised that I cared for her because I feel obligated to, not because I loved her.” 

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4. “When she went on trip for a month and the day she came back I would realised I’d rather stay in bed.” 

5. “When getting together to do anything just felt like going through the motions, and I stopped getting excited to see her.”

6. “When I realised I don’t have to be with anyone who is okay with having an affair and cheating on me. She never blamed me, she never used me as an excuse for her actions. She revealed the affair and we decided to work on it. However she was not helping me rebuild my trust. She made it harder for me. Five months later she revealed she cheated again, packed her shit and left two days later. I realised it was completely over when we had discussions about relationships we were having during our separation and it didn’t phase me.”

7. “We were out to dinner and I realised I didn’t want to be there at all anymore, and that I was bored to tears. We split soon after.”

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8. “I started to notice when I no longer had the urge to go out of my way to hang out with her. I preferred staying home rather than hanging out with her, and realised that I was no longer romantically interested in her.” 

9. “She asked, ‘Do you even care that I’m upset?!’ I realised I didn’t.”

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