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Here’s How Many Times Women Actually Think About Sex Every Day

It’s no secret that guys like to think about sex – a lot. But have you ever wondered whether the act of passion crosses the female mind just as often as it does ours?

Well, it turns out women think about getting it on more than they’d like to admit: a recent study conducted by found women thought about sex, on average, 18.6 times per day (or every 51 minutes if you allow 8 hours for sleep). 

Psychologists from Ohio University asked 283 students aged 18-25 to use hand-held counters to record every time they thought about sex, sleep and food each day. 

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The results also showed women thought about food an average of 15.3 times per day (once every 62 minutes) and sleeping 13.4 times (every 72 minutes).

On their own, these numbers might looking damning – but it’s when you compare them to the results of the guys in the study when they start to make sense.

Men were found to think about sex every 28 minutes, food every 38 minutes and sleeping every 33 minutes. 

So now you just how much women think about sex, it’s time to put it into action: next time you’re chatting up a cute girl at the bar, this is by far the smoothest way to invite her back for sex.



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