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The Way Leo Messi Dealt With His Noisy Neighbours is Pure Brilliance

When you’re the best footballer to have ever played the game, there aren’t too many things that’d bother you. Whenever Leo Messi’s feeling the frustrations of life, all he has to do is take a deep breath and remember his net worth: $350 million.

But it turns out even Messi gets peeved at the smaller things in life – noisy neighbours. While the average person would file a noise complaint or plot petty revenge, Messi took control of the situation and did what any millionaire 350 times over would do and bought their whole damn house.


Barcelona midfielder Ivan Rakitic was the on who let the cat out of the bag, revealing Messi’s cunning move.

“I did not have any problems with the neighbours, not like Messi in Castelldefels,” Rakitic told Croatian newspaper Novi List.

“He had to buy his house from the neighbours because they were noisy and so he could be alone.”

It’s no secret that Messi is a badass on the field, but no one knew he was the same off it. 

Messi had actually initially planned to build a wall between his and property and his neighbours to maintain his privacy, but faced with the prospect of an impending legal battle, Messi decided it was easier to just buy the house.

Godspeed, Leo. God speed.

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