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This Is How Much Lebron James Is Getting Paid To Play For The Lakers

For most of us, a six figure salary is the dream. But Lebron James’ new contract makes that look like pocket change. 

The basketball star nicknamed King James will be earning 154,000,000 over four seasons, roughly 38,500,000 a year. When you break down the figures, you realise he’s probably earned more money in the time it took you to read this than what you will in a month. His salary roughly come to 498,512 a game, 117,378 per quarter and 9,781 a minute. 

“It is the longest deal James has signed since inking a six-year contract with the Miami Heat in 2010… His previous three deals were three years or shorter,” writes ESPN,

Other stars, past and present were quick to jump in and congratulate James and The Lakers on the recent signing. 

Remember, this is just his contract with the lakers. James also has sponsorship deals, including his own footwear line with Nike along with a number of acting role. 

One day, we’ll earn enough…maybe. 

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