How To Ace The Pressure Cooker Challenge

How to ace the pressure cooker challenge

Looking for a total body metabolic burner? Try the pressure cooker challenge. Here's how to nail it with strict form for the ultimate burn.

LOOKING FOR A simple, easy to do metabolic burner you can do anywhere, any time? The pressure cooker challenge will light up your chest, hammies and glutes, while giving you some serious cardio at the same time.

This is a great finisher to a workout or challenge between friends. 

The challenge pairs push-ups and squats in an Every Minute On the Minute (EMOM) format. 

Starting with 10 push-ups and 10 squats, you are challenged to add 2 reps to each exercise every minute: 

0-1min – x10 Push Ups x10 Squats

1-2min – x12 Push Ups x12 Squats

2-3min – x14 Push Ups x14 Squats

Your score: how many minutes you complete before the burn becomes unbearable or you’re beaten by the clock.

Note: if you feel any pain or discomfort from injuries stop immediately. This is a challenge testing a maximum effort.

Before we get started there’s two important things factors to consider:

Consistency – Form must be consistent. This will allow you to track progress and gauge if you have improved next time you do it. It also levels the playing field if you’re competing with other people. Here are my standards:

Push-up – Chest must touch the ground in between your thumbs and elbows must lock out at the top. 

Squats – Your knees must bend below 90 degrees and finish the rep by standing tall (stacking the joints). 

Load – Know your limits. Novices are advised to use a depth gauge like a low seat/box for squats or performing push-ups from the knees. For everyone else, meet the standards; you will find your limit. 

Now let’s set your stopwatch and get cooking! 

Make sure to share your score on the post or share on your IG page. Trainers, tac it onto the end of your PT session or class, your clients will love you 😈

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