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6 Things To Consider When Buying Your Partner Sexy Lingerie

Thinking of a romantic gift for your partner is a tricky process. Sure, you can buy them something practical: headphones, new shoes, or even their favourite cooking apparatus. However, it doesn’t exactly scream affection. Your best bet? Mixing it up with a spicy set of lingerie. But picking up a pair of threads isn’t as easy as walking into a shop.

Fortunately, Lovehoney expert psycho sexologist and relationship specialist Chantelle Otten has made the process slightly easier, sharing her six considerations before you step into the store. 

1. It’s supposed to be fun…

Don’t sweat, it should be enjoyable, Otten explains.

“Buying lingerie for a partner can seem daunting, but it’s a great gift and one that you can both enjoy. A new set of sexy lingerie can bring you closer together over the festive season when it can be hard to get quality time together,” she says. 
“When shopping for lingerie, think about what you and your partner have enjoyed together in the past. Did you enjoy making things a little spicier? Then perhaps considering some wet look lingerie will hit the mark. If you’re both a little more traditional, basques and corsets with stockings and suspenders are a great option and are liberating to the wearer.”

2. Know how to get the sizing right

You’ve probably seen it in the movies: a hopeless man sneaking around his partner’s draw to get a sneak peak of the label. Truth is, they’re onto a winner. Otherwise, don’t fret. Retailers also offer one-size-fits-all options. 

“Lingerie retailers like Lovehoney allow you to buy fitted lingerie in sizes for 6-24 but also offer a wide range of ‘One Size’ products in a Regular, Plus Size and Curve. These items are designed to fit and flatter and are an easy solution to the shopping experience,” she Otten continues. 

“If you do know your partner’s exact lingerie size, you can also shop by cup size.You can find this, by looking at the bra size on the label. This little bit of digging will not only give you an excuse to get intimate with your partner but  will also reveal what kind of fabrics and style they like, plus they will know how much effort you put into finding an outfit for them.”

3. Style is just as important 

Once you have the sizing down-pat, then it’s time to work on the style. Try and take note of what your partner’s worn in the past. Otherwise, play it safe with classic like black lace that never go out of fashion. 

“When choosing for your partner, it can be helpful to think about the last time they got dressed up for a night out with friends, for a date night or a sexy night in. Were they wearing something tight and structured, something floaty and light, or rocking the underwear as outerwear trend? For something that will hug her curves, go for a basque or bustier. For something cute and girly, a babydoll or chemise is the way to go. For something sexy and revealing that can go from date night under a blazer straight to the bedroom, she’ll appreciate a longline bra. Remember that your partner needs to feel excited about wearing the outfit, so pick one that aligns with her style.”

4. Make it an experience

So you’re nervous about surprising her. Why not bring her along?

“The act of shopping for sexy lingerie can be even more erotic  if you do it together. To open up the conversation, when you’re enjoying some quality time together, simply say, ‘I know you’ll look beautiful in anything, but I’d love us to go lingerie shopping together, as I want to treat you.’ You could also have a cosy night in at home and explore some lingerie options online together,” Otten says. 

What not to do…

5. Don’t buy the whole range

The last thing you want to do is ambush your partner with a whole new closet. Start slow. That’ll give you the opportunity to find out what she’s a fan of and what might scare her off. 

“Start by buying a couple of items to gently ease you and your partner into it, as you can test the waters to see what hits the mark. There are so many gorgeous lingerie sets on the market that are great quality for a reasonable price, so don’t think you have to blow the budget. Once you nail the first shop, why not make it a monthly thing to surprise your partner?” Otten says. 

6. Don’t be selfish

Sure, fellas enjoy their partners in a nice set of lingerie, but don’t forget this should be about her. 

“When buying lingerie, it’s easy to get carried with what you love, fantasise about and want to see on your partner. However, she’ll exude confidence when she feels comfortable and sexy in what she’s wearing, so choose something she will like that’s not miles off what she’s worn before. For example, if your partner usually wears cutesy pastel bra sets, a fetish set is probably going to be too much!”

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