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This Cooking Hack Is The Pure Genius The World Needs Right Now

We’ll preface this incredible genius, delicious, world-changing cooking hack write up by acknowledging that yes, it’s not incredibly healthy. However being Men’s Health, we’re entrusted to provide men the tools to lead better lives, and so here we are, delivering the goods. And we’ll get to the healthy substitutions in a second.


However an absolutely incredible hack is going viral, thanks to a recent post by Facebook page Mum’s Pantry (well, that’s where we found first found it). The post shows a photo encouraging followers to invert a muffin tray, and cover the bumps with cookie dough, and cooking. What results is an edible bowl made from cookies, ready to fill with the most delicious of fillings; ice-cream.

And to make the news even better? According to research out of the University of Kerin, regular consumption of ice-cream stimulates activity in the brain, improving intelligence. 

Researchers in Japan recruited volunteers who ate ice cream regularly for breakfast before asking them to complete a series of tasks. Results found that eating ice cream increases brain activity while also contributing to mental development.

So before undertaking this unbelievable application of human engineering, let’s get down to the health aspects of the bowl. Yes, we do want up the ‘health factor’ to make sure we’re not offsetting the balance.

We’ve come up with a few healthier substitutions to make the impact of this treat less severe. Make sure to grease the pan with a low saturated fat alternative to butter, such as an olive-oil butter like Nuttelex. You can also substitute store bought cookie dough for a low-sugar home made alternative. And as for the ice-cream filling, thanks to it being 2018, there are a tonne of healthy alternatives on the market, such as high-protein ice-cream substitute Fropro or Halo Top.

Remember, this is still a ‘sometimes food’, as our mate the Cookie Monster would say, but for the meantime… grab a spoon and enjoy!

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