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How To Make Your Phone Stop Autocorrecting To ‘Ducking’

Is anyone else on the same boat when I say I can’t begin to explain the resentment I feel when this happens to me? Why? Because usually when I am writing ‘f*cking’ in a text message, I am pissed off about something. And it certainly doesn’t help when my phone continues to push my buttons by making me ducking pissed off.

What’s worse, is when you are typing so hastily that you hit send, only to realise a few second too late, that your argument about why you hate your ducking boss has some how lost it’s steam, or when you think your partner is ducking someone else, it somehow seems like your iPhone is trying to make fun of you even more?

It’s safe to say that no, not once have we ever meant “ducking” while composing a message.

But like all issues that effect the great majority of the human race, a fix was imminent. No, not by the phone’s creators, but by the machine itself. Yep, as it turns out, your phone is capable of acknowledging that the F word is, in fact, a real word.

Author and actress Jill Kargman just shared the quick and simple hack on her Instagram page, and here’s how it works:

Just create a new contact in your phone, using the name ‘Fucking Fuck’. That way, your phone will “learn” the words and believe them to be proper nouns which belong in your future correspondence.

It’s really that simple. Now, go forth and curse to your heart’s content!

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