The Psychology Of Lies: Why We Do It, And How To Tell When Someone Is Fibbing | Men's Health Magazine Australia

The ‘Human Lie Detector’ Reveals How You Can Spot A Liar

Getting caught out in a lie is sure to fast-track your reputation to the gutter – from Bill Clinton’s famous denial, to online influencer Belle Gibson’s fall from grace as wellness guru, exposed for cashing in on false claims about curing herself of cancer.

But how can we tell if someone is telling a lie?

Is the polygraph a safe bet, or are our own senses the best lie detectors?

The ‘human lie detector’, Steve Van Aperen, is an expert in the field of behavioural interviewing, reading body language and detecting deception – and he’s here with all the answers.

Watch the full story above.

This article originally appeared on 7News

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