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Adulting 101: How To Tie A Tie

Although neck-ties have received some seriously negative press of recent times (apparently they cut off circulation to your brain!), there will always be an occasion where a man needs to dress up his neck with a dangly piece of silk. Humans are weird. Whether it’s an office dress-code requirement, wedding, job-interview, or (heaven forbid) a funeral, there will be a day when you’ll need to tie a tie, and learning how to do so is a right of passage in itself.


But where does a bloke start when learning to tie a tie? There’s a huge population that don’t don neckties on a regular basis, including us here at MH HQ, and knowing where to start can be overwhelming. According to, there are at least 13 different knots that are possible, each for their own special occasion and look.

The smallest and fastest of these is ‘the simple knot’, aka the ‘four-in-hand knot’ or the ‘schoolboy knot’. Although don’t let it’s simplicity deceive you, it’s one of the most versatile knots you can learn to tie.

Take these tips, posted to YouTube by, and you’re on a fast track to style success.

How To Tie A Tie

1. Face the back of the tie away from your body.

2. The end of the small end should be positioned around your belly button.

3. While creating your knot, move only the longer, thicker end, keeping the small end in place.

4. Loop the large end behind the thin end, then across the top of the the thin end..

5. Pass the large end under and up towards your chin.

6. Bring the large end back down in front, into the loop created.

7. Pull the large end through the loop and slide the knot up towards your adams apple to tighten.

8. Enjoy.

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