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How Your Movie Choice Can Make You Fat

Do you munch like a mindless zombie at the cinema? Your movie choice may be to blame for your buttered-popcorn binge.


A study at Beirut’s Lebanese American University found thrillers and horror flicks were more likely than romances and comedies to bring on viewers’ cravings for salty, fatty snacks.


Blame the stress triggered by action-packed films: it causes the release of cortisol, which increases your desire for these types of foods, explains Aner Tal, of Cornell University’s Food and Brand Lab.


If you must munch, buy a child-size popcorn: small portions of a snack can be just as satisfying as servings with seven times the kilojoules, according to research from Cornell.




The amount of kilojoules in 100 millilitres of 100 per cent orange juice – the same as in 100ml of Coke.


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