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Hugh Jackman Is Urging Everyone To Get Checked For Skin Cancer

After the actor shared his biopsy results with fans, Jackman is now encouraging everyone to wear sunscreen and regularly check for skin cancer.

Hugh Jackman is, to put it mildly, Australia’s greatest export. Aside from his good looks and enviable quick wit, Jackman is known for being one of the nicest leading men in Hollywood. Where other actors are often plagued by scandal and salacious gossip, the actor has only ever been followed by good news and adoring fans. Now, Australia’s favourite actor is using his platform to advocate for the importance of skin checks. 

Having recently undergone a biopsy on his nose, Jackman thanked his followers for their support in an Instagram video posted on Sunday. After his dermatologist noticed something ‘irregular’ during a routine check-up, Jackman then had the biopsy and has been transparent about the process and the results garnered. “Firstly, thank you, everyone, for your incredible support. I got so much support for the biopsy I just had,” he said. 

“I promised I’d keep you updated. It actually came back inconclusive which means they didn’t quite take enough because I’m about to start filming so we didn’t want to go in too deep. We being Lisa and Trevor, my doctors.They’re that worried. What did come back makes them not that worried so if it’s anything it’s a Basel Cell Cercinoma which is not threatening really but needs to be taken care of. I’ll get another biopsy when I’ve finished filming in about two months and I’ll let you all know, I’ll keep you updated.”

Jackman is no stranger to skin checks, he’s been treated for skin cancer six times in the past. But that didn’t stop the actor from giving his followers some free advice. “Wear sunscreen, get a skin check whenever you can,” he said. “Thanks for your support, it means a lot.”

According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, melanoma was the fourth most commonly diagnosed skin cancer in Australia in 2106, and it’s estimated to be the third most commonly diagnosed cancer in 2020. For 2020, it was estimated that 16,221 new cases of melanoma of the skin would be diagnosed in Australia. While attitudes have certainly shifted from the days where tanning was something to be celebrated, the importance of skin checks remains imperative. Jackman recalled in an interview during the press tour for The Greatest Showman, that when he was younger he never wore sunscreen. “Don’t be like me. Wear sunscreen, I’m the idiot who didn’t wear sunscreen at all,” he said. 

“I have English parents, but it doesn’t matter actually what skin type you are, everyone is susceptible, and you know, just be smart.” Jackman added, “It’s the most preventable disease in the world so do not take my example or you can take my example now and wear sunscreen.”

By Jessica Campbell

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