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Is it Worth Trying to Navigate an Office Relationship?

We ask the office girls.

Ask the MH girls the questions you can’t ask anyone else. They’re three women who speak their mind, so don’t expect sugar-coated answers. Today we ask: I really like this girl at work. But is it worth trying to navigate the minefield of an office relationship? 

Lizza: Yes! My parents met at work, and they’ve been married for 40-plus years.

Nikolina: I know a few couples who have met at work. I don’t think it’s a reason you shouldn’t get to know someone. Maybe not so much in the office, though – maybe lunch breaks.

Lizza: It’s easy to see how colleagues can form an attraction. You spend so much time together.

Nikolina: Yep. And you’re in the same field, so you’re more likely to have a similar outlook and similar interests compared to a banker and a social worker.

Lizza: And you also get to see them when they’re under stress – you see how they deal with that. You get to see the whole range of their personality, so it’s a good gauge of whether you’ll be all right outside of work.

Becky: Exactly. You see the highs. You see the lows. You see each other in every state. That’s why friendships, strong friendships, are formed at work, because you’re going through this shared experience. So, I can imagine relationships would be the same. But my question for AC is: does she like you? What’s happening here? Is it just you liking her, or is there a connection you’re wary of exploring? First know that.

Nikolina: Also, if it kicks off, do it on the DL. Don’t make it obvious to your colleagues because if it doesn’t work out, it’ll just be awkward for everyone.

Lizza: And because you don’t want the extra pressure of your colleagues watching your every move and talking about you guys.

Nikolina: Because you share a workplace, you do want to be reasonably confident that the relationship is going to last, for a while at least.  

Becky: Years ago, I actually went out with a colleague, and then when we broke up, I quit the next week. I was like, “I never want to see
you again”.

Nikolina: What if you hadn’t quit? What would it have been like?

Becky: Well, it ended on bad terms. So, it would have been uncomfortable for everyone involved. Because I was young. I wouldn’t have been able to… 

Nikolina: Get your work done?

Becky: Just be civil to him! I mean, every situation is going to be different, and I guess maturity comes into play. So, it’s not a case of never, but take it real slow.

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