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Jake Gyllenhaal Unveils Ripped ‘Road House’ Physique

Jake Gyllenhaal has revealed he’s packed on some serious muscle. Making a surprise appearance at UFC 285 to film scenes for the upcoming Road House remake.

At a time when all the most popular movies feature shredded superheroes, Herculean athletes and burly action stars, seeing jacked up actors on screen has become commonplace. We’ve seen the likes of Chris Pratt, Zac Efron, Hugh Jackman and many others bulk up for the big screen. But Jake Gyllenhaal’s latest transformation might top them all. The 42-year-old stole the show at UFC 285. Debuting a ripped figure before landing a knockout blow comparable to the world’s best fighter’s while filming scenes for Road House.

For those unfamiliar with Road House, the original 1989 film stars Patrick Swayze as a barroom bouncer who protects the establishment from rowdy customers and unruly businessmen alike, with the help of his fists of course. There’s a lot of action, plenty of violence and even a dash of romance. And while the film underwhelmed at the box office, it’s become a cult classic. Birthing a remake that will reimagine the original story, with Gyllenhaal playing a former UFC fighter and Conor McGregor set to feature.

Gyllenhaal, who is playing the lead role in the upcoming film, shocked the world on Sunday when the Hollywood heavyweight showed up to UFC 285’s weigh in. The 42-year-old filmed a scene for the film ahead of a fictional middleweight title bout. Gyllenhaal wowed the audience of UFC fans with his jacked look and was very much in character for the weigh in. Telling announcer Jon Anik “I can’t believe I trained six weeks for this s**t. To fight this piece of s**t. Just give me the belt now. C’mon motherf**ker, let’s go.”

The unexpected entertainment didn’t end there. Former UFC champion Conor McGregor then made an appearance. Revealing that further filming would be taking place during UFC 285 and that fans in attendance would be part of the movie. “Who’s ready for tomorrow night?” McGregor began. “Everyone in this arena you’re about to be part of my movie.” McGregor will appear in Road House and is reportedly playing the villain’s henchman.

As promised, an enthusiastic Gyllenhaal stepped into Las Vegas’ T-Mobile Arena in an intermission during UFC 285. The actor performed a full walkout before entering the octagon and securing a win with a brutal knockout. While everything was scripted, it certainly didn’t look that way. With Gyllenhaal absorbing his fair share of body blows during the faux fight before demolishing his opponent with a flying knee kick. For an added touch of authenticity, Gyllenhaal made sure he finished the job with a few extra punches while attempting to stop the referee from getting between him and his opponent.

This isn’t the first time Gyllenhaal has played a fighter. He previously wowed audiences with a dramatic physical transformation to play a professional boxer in the 2015 film Southpaw. Gyllenhaal’s new rig is undoubtedly impressive. But not everyone is convinced the actor has pulled it off naturally. UFC President Dana White made a joke aimed at Gyllenhaal’s expense at the conclusion of UFC 285. “Listen, what can I say? He looks good.” White said. “I don’t think he’s been USADA tested, but he looks great.”

Road House doesn’t have a confirmed release date yet. It’s been rumoured the film will hit the big screen as early as next year. Amazon Studios is in charge of production. Which means that after its initial release in theatres it will likely make its way to the Amazon Prime streaming platform.

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