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The Diet Changes That Helped James McAvoy Bulk Up To Play The Beast

James McAvoy’s body transformation to place the Beast in the 2016 film Split was so impressive we’re still bloody talking about it.

To prepare for the role, the 40-year-old stacked on over seven kilograms of muscle mass in nearly four months. Aside from plenty of time in the gym with trainer Magnus Lygdback, McAvoy made some serious changes to his eating habits.

Lygdback told Men’s Health that the star ate every three hours, hit the gym two hours after a meal or snack, and chowed down another immediately after training. 

Find out what, how much, and when he ate in the video below…


McAvoy strictly managed his macronutrients in order to bulk up, rigorously tracking his carbs, fat, and protein, to ensure he consumed enough of each nutrient. The actor began each day with a hearty breakfast consisting of four eggs, sweet potatoes, turkey bacon, and sweet potatoes.

“Eat the whole egg,” says Lygdback. “There’s a lot of nutrients in the yolk.”

For snacks, McAvoy ate more protein, like turkey meatballs. Lunch and dinner normally consisted of lamb, beef, carbs, fats, and veggies.

“This diet is approachable fore everyone because you get to pick your protein, your carbohydrates, and your fat,” Lygdback says. “Pick and choose and have a go.”

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