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Jamie Foxx Took A Women’s Workout Class And Things Did Not End Well

Jamie Foxx cuts a tidy figure. But turns out, despite his impressive physique, he has a little secret: he skips leg day. 

So appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Foxx announced that his 2020 new years resolution would be to start training legs, especially after revealing he took a female squat class and got absolutely destroyed. 

“2020 I got to do legs, I don’t ever do legs. Because you know brothers don’t do legs,” he joked to the tv host. 

“No, no, no. We’re big at the top but sort of small at the bottom. Like I could beat you up, but I can’t chase you.” 

“I don’t see a lot of black guys doing legs. I did legs one time in 2019 and I took one of those female squat classes—a butt burn,” he recounted.

“Where y’all are just all day, and I couldn’t. I don’t have calves.”

But it’s not just the Hollywood star who’s in good shape. Foxx coaches his youngest daughter’s basketball team.

“My younger daughter is 5’8″ and she’s 11-years-old. She didn’t like basketball at first because she plays on the all-boys team and the boys wouldn’t pass her the ball,” he continued. 

“But then, 16 points, 12-rebounds, 6 blocks later and she wins the game. She’s now like the go-to.”

You can see the whole interview below.

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