Jeremy Renner Shares His High-Tech Road to Recovery

Jeremy Renner Gives Fans an Inside Look at His Road to Recovery After Snowplough Accident

After a horrific accident left him in critical condition in January, Jeremy Renner has been on the mend. The Avenger’s star has been sharing his high-tech recovery process, and with the help of an anti-gravity treadmill, Renner is walking again.

On New Year’s Day Jeremy Renner suffered blunt chest trauma, a punctured lung, more than 30 broken bones and underwent two surgeries following a freak accident. The 52-year-old has since laboured through a lengthy rehabilitation process and is now on the way to making a full recovery. In his latest update, Renner gave fans an insight into the innovative machinery he’s been using to help him walk again.

In a video shared on Renner’s social media, the actor can be seen walking with the assistance of a ground-breaking anti-gravity treadmill. The treadmill uses gravitational forces to make its users feel weightless, alleviating stress on joints and allowing people in desperate need of low-impact training to recover to previously unattainable fitness levels. For Renner, the treadmill’s capabilities have helped him get back on track, as he explains the treadmill’s wonder’s in the video, “This is with only 40% of my weight.”

Renner’s injuries date back to an incident on New Year’s day of this year. The 52-year-old was attempting to free a snowed-in car near his home in Lake Tahoe California when a snowplough’s brakes failed and began to roll towards his nephew. The actor stepped in to move his nephew out of the machine’s path and in the process found himself trapped under the seven-tonne vehicle. He was later taken to hospital in critical condition and underwent multiple surgeries to save his life.

Renner is set to give his first interview since the incident on Thursday. In a preview of his interview with journalist Diane Sawyer, Renner had no doubt he made the right decision to step in, “I’d do it again,” he said. “It was going right at my nephew.” He later revealed that he was awake for the entire time he was trapped under the machine, but at no stage did he give up on himself. “I chose to survive. That’s not gonna kill me, no way,” he said.

“I’ve lost a lot of flesh and bone in this experience, but I’ve been refuelled and refilled with love and titanium.”

Anti-gravity treadmills are the latest technological innovations that are aiding rehabilitation and helping people get back to full fitness, no matter how long their road to recovery has been. By using gravitational forces to reduce the pressure of body weight, the treadmill quite literally takes the weight off your shoulders, allowing users to take a low-impact approach to their fitness. With a lower risk of re-injury and less stress on joints and muscles, anti-gravity treadmills are the ideal tools for rehabilitation and recovery.

Thinking about getting an anti-gravity treadmill for your home gym? Before you start firing up the Amazon search bar, you should know that the machines come with a hefty price tag. An anti-gravity treadmill will set you back anywhere between $35,000 and $75,000. The pricey equipment is usually reserved for elite sporting team’s, cashed-up celebrity’s and high-performance athletes, but several medical centres and physiotherapy locations around Australia are beginning to add the machines to their repertoire.

By Cayle Reid

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