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Keep Moving While Living In The Fast Lane

Two years ago, surfer and all round nice guy Jeremy Brown, picked up his camera and started sharing photos of his life. What started with a few selfies on Instagram quickly gathered momentum, with his fashion and travel tips now sought after by his 53,000 followers, thanks to his realistic and hassle-free approach to life.

As his following grows, so does the pressure and workload, with overseas trips and content production happening regularly and his pace ever increasing. While Jeremy is definitely living the dream, chasing waves in Fiji and cruising the streets of Paris, as a lifestyle blogger he’s never permitted to ‘switch off’. “The content creation is still fun, although a lot more serious now,” explains Jeremy. “Sometimes it’s a hassle to get the photo in the moment, but looking back it’s always worth it.”

With no days off and constant travel, Brown acknowledges that while staying healthy on the move is hard, he still makes sure it happens. He keeps his motivation high by acknowledging the fact that he’s not living a routine lifestyle – every day is different.

His top tip towards maintaining health in the fast lane… consistency and preparation. “Diet is key, eat well – keep it natural where possible, stay hydrated, and stay active. I’m on the go all the time so I always carry a bottle of water with me. When I’ve worked up a sweat, I often crave more than just water so lately I’ve been choosing Pump+. With coconut water and natural lime flavour not only does it tastes great, it also has natural electrolytes. It’s my new go-to after a gym session or a few hours in the surf.”

When travelling, Jeremy has some key essential items that he always takes along for the journey: his active wear, a surfboard or skateboard, and a pop-top bottle of water, so his active lifestyle is never compromised.

The same goes for Jeremy’s workouts when travelling. “I don’t plan my days around the gym but I know that there’s always going to be a time when I do workout.” A minimum of four gym-based strength workouts per week keeps Jeremy in top form despite a hectic schedule. And if you’ve found yourself in gymless locations? Jeremy likes to get out and walk, surf, skate or sometimes he creates a simple body weight training circuit in his hotel room.

Jeremy will be demonstrating his health and fitness philosophies when he hits home soil in January, taking a walk-through Melbourne’s Capital City Trail on the 20th of January. He’ll be hitting the streets at 10am, when the Pump+ crew will be out in force, so come along for your chance to try Pump+ Natural Electrolytes for yourself. You may even get the chance to get tips from the man himself on how to live the dream, and keep up with hustle.

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