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Larry Emdur Banishes The Dad Bod

Australian TV icon and host of The Morning Show, Larry Emdur, has continued his reign as King of the Dad Rig, banishing the ‘dad bod’ for good. In a series of new shots and workout videos posted to Instagram, the TV funny man continues to impress following an incredible transformation a few years ago. Now under the expert guidance ofFitness Director, Chief Brabon and his wife Emilie Brabon-Holmes, Larry is going from strength to strength and setting an exceptionally high standard of fitness.

“At 53yrs of age, the big fella is definitely setting the bar pretty high for the rest of us,” acknowledges Brabon. Brabon, responsible for the cover model bodies of Guy Sebastian and James Stewart, has been working with the dedicated Emdur on maintaining his impressive physique, an effort he has kept up since he vowed to turn his life around in 2015.

“Big hi 5’s for @chiefbrabon @emiliebrabonhames for dragging this whinging 52year old through the mud ..what a training team,” said Larry in a shout out to his fitness team.
Larry continues to provide a shining example of what is possible whilst working long hours, raising two adult children, and working out well into your 50’s. 

As for his motivation, Larry lists keeping up with his kids and wanting to build functional fitness to endure his hobbies. “Big goal, this busted old surfer dude is gonna try to get back into the waves this summer so I gotta wake up those old long-lost withered bits of flesh I need for paddling,” Larry said whilst posting a chin up video to his Instagram account.

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