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Lenny Kravitz Is 56 And Still Ripped

If you turned on Instagram in recent weeks, you’d likely have found your daily scroll interrupted by an image of Lenny Kravitz cutting into a coconut. Coconuts aren’t particularly a newsworthy event, Top Juice has been slinging their juice for years, but the fact remains that Lenny Kravitz is there, all casual-like, with the kind of ripped torso most actors require CGI to gain. He stands like a god amongst mortals and what makes it all the more captivating is the fact that Lenny Kravitz is 56. Yep. 56 and still absolutely ripped. 

So, just what is his secret? Given that he’s got a net worth of $80 million, it seems fair to say that Kravitz can splash out a bit when it comes to the ultimate in health and wellness. He already has a rather rigorous approach to spirituality and training, and it seems that despite the old belief rockstars live on nothing but adrenaline, cigarettes and booze, Kravitz is instead treating his rockstar bod like a temple. Here’s how he does it. 


It won’t surprise you to know that Kravitz has been one of Hollywood’s most vocal vegans, championing the diet long before it came to be a trend. When he took Men’s Health through a tour of his fridge, we gained an insight into just what he eats and a lot of it was green, with a keen focus on veggies. 

At his properties in Brazil and the Bahamas, Kravitz even grows his own produce and claims to go lengthy periods adhering to either an entirely raw diet or one which sees him cut out fruit sugars entirely, eating purely vegetables. But when it comes to cheat meals, he’s only human, and still likes to indulge in the occasional bread, pasta, pancake and waffle day. 


Naturally, that kind of physique doesn’t come easily and Kravitz is as hard a worker as they come when it comes to maintaining his gym-honed physique. He spends a lot of time cycling around the island where he lives, and also engages in paddle boarding and walking. That said, he still has a trainer and does regular weight sessions.

Kravitz trains five to six days a week, with most of his weight sessions consisting of simple exercises. He is said to prefer exercises that focus on perfect form and often does dumbbell shoulder presses, squats, pull-ups and ab crunches. 

It goes without saying, this is fitspo we’re living for. 

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