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Leonardo DiCaprio Is Finally Banishing The Dad-Bod


Leonardo DiCaprio has been the biggest advocate for the ‘dad-bod’ this century, almost making it his signature. The formerly ripped star of Titanic has definitely been living the good life, with a healthy indulgence in the finer things in life. In fact, a large part of DiCaprio’s appeal is his unforgiving ownership and self-confidence whilst bucking the Hollywood 6-pack stereotype.

However it seems that DiCaprio is finally ready to shed a few kilos as he gears up to star alongside Brad Pitt in the new Tarantino epic, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. According to Radar Online, DiCaprio is starving himself to get ready for his big-screen comeback.

“He hates that he’s had to give up the pastas and desserts, and even his trusty vaporizer,” an unnamed source told the publication. “If he was left to his own devices, he’d be happily hitting the drive-thru at McDonald’s!”

The Beach
The Beach
In terms of training, The Departed star is apparently cranking out hundreds of push ups per day, in a military-inspired workout. The transformation and lifestyle overhaul is reportedly due to a shirtless scene required for the new film.
While the training methods is still under wraps, with a combination of body weight exercise and military style sessions, it sounds like DiCaprio could be taking a leaf out of CrossFit’s book, and hitting some intense workouts, like the notorious Murph. Make like Leo, and shred up quickly with some high-intensity, muscular endurance exercise.


Complete the below workout in order. Do not move onto the next exercise until all reps have been completed.

  • 1-mile run (1.6 kilometres)
  • 100 pullups
  • 200 pushups
  • 300 air squats
  • 1-mile run

*To scale the workout, cut the reps in half for your first attempt
**To scale UP the workout, try completing Murph with a 10kg weight vest.

Record your time, and set this as a benchmark to retest after a few months of solid training.

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