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5 of the Sexiest Scents (as chosen by women).

You might have it all going on . . . but it means zilch to the ladies if you smell like a dirty gym bag. Yet endless rows of shiny fragrance bottles can prove puzzling for weary nostrils. So in our highly nonscientific comparison, we got the verdict on hot scents from the people who really matter . . . hot women.  


Tom Ford Private Blend Venetian Bergamot Eau de Parfum $298 / 50ml

The Scent: Sexed up and sensual: bergamot meets ginger with a clean, cedar-wood finish

The Vibe: Dinner and possibly more . . .

The Verdict: “Whenever I’m at an event, I know when a dude is wearing a Tom Ford scent,” says Elle Ferguson, fashion blogger of TheyAllHateUs fame. “For me it’s that understated cool. And trust me, you always want to be standing next to that guy. They tell the best stories.”


Jo Malone Wood Sage and Sea Salt Cologne $185 / 100ml

The Scent: Mineral freshness of salt, sand and rock

The Vibe: Beach to beers

The Verdict: “The guy wearing this is too nice for me!” laughs international beauty brand PR director Simone Rochelle. “He’s classic with a beautiful, cheeky smile. I would steal this fragrance from his bathroom cabinet and wear it to brunch by the beach.”


Davidoff The Brilliant Game EDT $110 / 100ml

The Scent: Sharpness of an Americano cocktail with bitter orange and fresh green leaves

The Vibe: Urban card shark

The Verdict: “I adore the bottle – it’s really sexy,” says Rochelle. “Before I’ve even smelt it, I imagine a guy who loves designer labels and is confident with women. This is a sultry scent that if I smelt on a man in a bar he definitely would have my attention!”


Eau de Lacoste L.12.12 Rouge Energetic $89 / 100ml

The Scent: Attention-grabbing and spicy with ginger and cardamom notes

The Vibe: After-work drinks

The Verdict: “My boyfriend wears oriental scents and I love them on any guy,” says model Stephanie Smith. “It’s always nice when a guy smells particularly good because it gives you an insight into their personal hygiene.”


Dior Sauvage $140 / 100ml

The Scent: Raw and roguish with boozy bergamot, amber and spice

The Vibe: On the prowl

The Verdict: “I recently bought this for my sister’s boyfriend – BIG mistake, as I’m obsessed with it,” says Ferguson. “It’s so smooth and it lasts. He sprays it on in the morning and if we all go to dinner at night he still smells good. Like I said, it was a big mistake because now my sister’s boyfriend smells too good.”


Thirdman Eau Inexplicable $142 / 100ml

The Scent: Minimalist scent of pure-blond wood

The Vibe: Quiet confidence

The Verdict: “This scent speaks to the K.I.S.S. philosophy (Keep It Simple Stupid!),” says Alice Treloar, Men’s Health’s Girl Next Door columnist. “This morning I walked past a guy and it was like being punched in the face with fragrance. He needs this instead – it’s sophisticated and clean. Perfect for the office hero, day or night. Added perk: spritz it on your pillow and sheets for those last–minute lady visits.”



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