Lululemon Releases Innovative Debut Footwear Collection

Lululemon enters the Australian footwear space, releasing an innovative debut collection

After more than 25 years offering dependable athletic apparel, it’s finally possible to wear Lululemon from head to toe.

LULULEMON IS ONE of the world’s most-worn performance apparel brands, but they’ve previously shied away from footwear. Notwithstanding a foray into women’s footwear in 2022, which was only available in overseas markets, the brand has preferred to hone its existing products. Until now.

Lululemon recently announced a new collection of men’s and women’s footwear that has now hit Australian shelves. The collection features a range of six distinct styles—including running and casual shoes—and represents a vast expansion of the brand’s offering, with the aim of catering to a wider, fitness-obsessed Australian market. Speaking to Men’s Health, Lululemon’s senior vice president of footwear Simon Atkins revealed that it was inevitable that Lululemon footwear would come to Australia. “Lululemon has a long history with Australia. It’s only logical, given how active this market is, that we would expand into footwear,” Atkins says.

The footwear market is a crowded space. To separate their shoes from existing options, Lululemon adopted a user-first approach while developing new collection, with the goal of creating purpose-built shoes that cater to the morphological differences between men and women—an uncommon practice in the footwear industry, according to Atkins. “If you talk to any other footwear company, they would generally show you a shoe and then say it’s available in men’s and women’s,” Atkins says. Instead, while Lululemon’s men’s and women’s range appears aesthetically similar, the shoes feature a variety of minute differences to suit the needs of users. “It’s those nuances that separate Lululemon footwear from other options in the market. Nobody else is doing that, and we’re doing it for all of our performance products.”

These aforementioned morphological differences were determined through a meticulous research process, which included one million foot scans. “When we look at foot morphology and biomechanics, we see those differences and then we design the product accordingly,” Atkins says.

To see that innovation in action, look no further than the Beyondfeel running shoe, which features a number of “visible and invisible differences underneath the hood,” Atkins says. The most striking of which are variations to underfoot grooves on the outsole, which are designed to benefit the running styles of both men and women. “For him, he needs more longitudinal stability, a bit more stability as he goes from heel to toe. So we’ve given him that.”


Lululemon Footwear


Find more information on Lululemon’s full range of men’s footwear below.


Lululemon Beyondfeel



The Beyondfeel is Lululemon’s flagship running shoe. Both the men’s and women’s versions are engineered with superior cushioning for a more comfortable underfoot experience. As Atkins explains, the underfoot flex grooves on the men’s model are designed for longitudinal support, ensuring a smoother transition from heel to toe, and an effortless running feeling.


Lululemon Cityverse



The Cityverse is all about supreme comfort, without sacrificing style. “We often found when speaking to guests and in insight sessions that people want a product that feels as good as it looks,” Atkins says. To achieve that coveted blend, Lululemon has implemented a two-layered cushioned midsole with a contoured insole. “The purpose was to provide all day comfort,” Atkins says.


Lululemon Restfeel Slide



Lululemon is also branching out into recovery shoes. The Restfeel is an elevated slide designed to aid your ailing feet after a high intensity sweat session. Support, stability and cushioning all factor into the Restfeel’s design philosophy, which prioritises a comfortable fit and aesthetic appeal.


Lululemon Beyondfeel Trail


Lululemon Footwear


Not all of the Lululemon footwear range were released in the brand’s first footwear drop. Some models, like the Beyondfeel Trail are on their way, but will require a slightly longer wait. The Beyondfeel Trail is a testament to Lululemon’s goal of meeting the needs of all consumers, and those who prefer to take their exercise off the beaten path will be suitably catered to. Beyondfeel Trail has enhanced protection from trail elements, directional traction, and a lugged outsole for increased stability.

The new Lululemon footwear collection was released in Australia on March 19th. To find more information and shop the new range, click here. And stay tuned, as new innovations, including seasonal colourways and special materials, will continue to be added to the collection.



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