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Bust Your Sleeves While Strengthening Your Core With The Viper Press

We like to walk a fine line at MH, and that line lies between proper functionality and aesthetics. Yes, we want to move well, but we’d be lying if we said we didn’t want to look good, too. And we’re after both from the 45 minutes we have in the gym before lunch. If you feel the same, it’s time to inject some venom into your training with this new movement.

“It’s called the ‘viper press’ because you coil up, sitting back, ready to spring forward,” says movement coach and the move’s creator, Richard Tidmarsh. The exercise incorporates the best elements of a crunch and an overhead press, targeting your core, shoulders and arms.

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The hip extension then encourages mobility in your spine and hips, releasing the joints most susceptible to the pitfalls of sedentary life. “It’s an antidote to sitting, teaching you to use your hips,” says Tidmarsh. “And it’s great for both mirror muscles and functionality.”

Try five sets of eight reps at the start of your workout for four weeks, and you can attain both dynamic movement and a shredded core to be proud of.


Begin in a kneeling position on the floor and set up with two kettlebells held at your collarbone in the front rack position. Keep your elbows high to engage your shoulder muscles from the start.


Slowly sit your glutes onto your heels and lean back. Support the two kettlebells at your chest by contracting your abs. Hold this position for a second to make sure you’re in total control of the rep.


Now, engage your glutes hard to push forward through your hips. This will take you back up into a kneel. As you do so, uncurl your abs until you’re as tall as possible. You’re not done just yet.


In a fluid movement, use the upward momentum to push the kettlebells overhead. Slowly lower them to your shoulders and sink into the next rep for a one-stop form and function overhaul.

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