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Man’s Sushi Comes Back To Life On His Plate

Meals don’t come much more fresh than this. A Japanese diner was left shocked when his sashimi dish appeared to ‘wave’ at him from his plate.

Twitter user ‘shoumizo3446’ shared the video to Twitter during his dinner in the Japanese city of Kishiwada. While dining at a popular sushi chain, Sushiro, ‘shoumizo3446’ filmed his ‘iki hokkigai’ seemingly coming to life.

‘Iki hokkigai’ is roughly translated to mean surf clam, and according to sushi chefs is prepared on site using live clams, although they’re not meant to be plated up that way.

Website Mashable spoke to marine biologist Callum Roberts regarding the video, to determine if it was actually possible that the sashimi was still alive on the plate. “Clams have very simple nervous systems, and rather than a brain have three sets of paired ganglia distributed through the body, which coordinate the activities of the animal,” Roberts explained. “Clearly, in this case, some of these are still intact and functional.”

The horrifying clip has been viewed 6.79 million times since it’s upload, and when replying to other shocked Twitter users, ‘shoumizo3446’ confirmed that yes, he ate the dish. It was reportedly “extremely delicious”.

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