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Holy Gains, Mark Wahlberg’s Supplement Range Is FINALLY Available In Australia

After successfully taking on the American supplement industry, Hollywood heavyweight and MH cover man Mark Wahlberg is finally showing some love for his gym-minded fans down under. That’s right, his very own supplement brand, Performance Inspired, is now available for purchase in Australia.

Founded in 2016, the brand created a sensation online during launch, with athletes world-wide keen to have a slice of the Wahlberg muscle-building pie, however until now release had been limited, with Australian customers missing out. Well all that is set to change, and Mark is as pumped as we are.

“I am so excited to be bringing Performance Inspired Nutrition to Chemist Warehouse and providing Australian customers with our all-natural products,” said Wahlberg in a statement, reportedly ‘ecstatic’ with the launch and clearly confident in his ability to take on a saturated market. “Performance Inspired is killing it here in the USA and across Canada and I know we will do the same in Australia.”

Wahlberg definitely has the results to back up his confidence. The all-natural range of  protein powders, sports nutrition cookies and training supplements has been flying off the shelves in North America, popular with both men and women chasing athletic (and aesthetic) goals.

The all-natural element of the range is a factor that is of the highest importance to Wahlberg, who’s authenticity came into question earlier this year when he was named by a steroid dealer as a client.

“We want to give people the best there is and give them the best chance to succeed with their health and fitness and the only way to do it right, is to do it naturally,” Mark explains.

When confronted on the alleged steroid use by TMZ, the same media outlet who reported the original accusation, Wahlberg fired back with the perfect answer. “You know what this is?” the star said while flexing. “That’s hard work.”

“If you wanna do something right, you’ve gotta work hard, baby,” he added. “Why put yourself and your health at risk when you can work hard and be a good example?”

And he has certainly set a solid example, with both Performance Inspired and his viral routine drawing the attention of health junkies everywhere.

“I wake up at 3am to work out for 2 hours, 7 days a week (bed at 7pm). I’m dedicated to living a healthy, active lifestyle,” assured Wahlberg in an Instagram caption posted following the fiasco.

Part of his lifestyle now involves hands-on work with Performance Inspired. According to the business, Mark is involved in everything from testing the formulas and taste, to designing the packaging and marketing.

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