Watch Mark Wahlberg Hit an Upper Body Workout Hard

Watch Mark Wahlberg hit an upper body workout hard

The actor torches his chest, arms, and core in his latest shirtless gym post.

MARK WAHLBERG’S FAMOUS 4 a.m. club is officially back in session. As well as being known for his roles in movies like The DepartedTed and The Other Guys, the actor has gained a considerable following over the last few years for documenting his early-morning workouts on Instagram, after he went viral for disclosing that he works out at 4 a.m.

Wahlberg has just shared a look at his most recent weekend workout, an upper-body burner in which he lights up his chest with elevated pushups, his arms with cable flys, and his abs with notoriously grueling ab rollouts. He also remembers to include his obliques in the core training portion of the workout, adding some rotational cable work to support that muscle group’s actual function.

He also uploaded a clip from leg day, complete with heavy sets of leg extensions, leg press, goblet squats, and rear leg elevated split squats. All before he gets on with the rest of his daily schedule.


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“Sometimes I work nights, I’m on a night schedule,” Wahlberg previously explained to Men’s Health. “I just get eight hours of sleep, I get up and I make sure that I do all the things that I need to do for myself to be the best version of myself before I’ve got to wake the kids up… I’m not an evening person. I used to be, but for me there’s nothing but trouble after those hours, so I like to get up and get it done.”

While he prefers to hit the gym super early, Wahlberg encourages others to find their own version of the 4 a.m. club, “whether your 4 a.m. is actually at 4 a.m., or it’s 8 a.m. or it’s 4 p.m.”


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This article originally appeared on Men’s Health US



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