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This Personal Trainer Preps A Week’s Worth Of Meals For Just $25

Sure, feeding yourself throughout the week isn’t rocket science. But on a budget while trying to hit your macros? That’s a whole different ball game. 

Not only does meal prepping require deft preparation and meticulous calorie counting, it somehow needs to be “proper cheap” as YouTuber and personal trainer Joe Delaney puts it.

So the former Ex On The Beach star challenged himself to pull off a week of meals for under 12 pounds ( just over AU$20) a week. However, there’s a catch: he’s only covering Monday to Friday, lunch and dinner. He’s also going through the cutting stage, so each dish is designed to help him hit his body fat percentage goals. 

And don’t be confused: just because he’s looking to cut, that doesn’t mean he’s skimping out on serving size. Most importantly, Delaney needs to find foods that aren’t calorie dense while keeping him satiated to help avoid snacking. 

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After Delaney launches into his planning, we’ve already noticed something that will have you keen to watch the whole way through: it’s not just homebrand tuna and rice.

His first feed is beef burritos with red onions, mixed beans and fiery fajita seasoning. He can freeze them, getting several servings throughout the week all without breaking the bank.

Secondly he makes chicken more exciting by cooking up a roast with vegetables. This one’s easy apparently – Delaney advises that this will require “the culinary prowess of a goat.” Again each meal is easily re-heated throughout the week. 

You can see the full demonstration in his video below as well as a further breakdown of the ingredients used. 

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